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Thursday, June 26, 2014

EdVenture kicks off the 2014 Summer Reading Program

What do you get when you take a bunch of children to the Lee State Park on a glorious day? You have a great kick off for the Lee County Library’s 2014 Summer Reading Program. Last Friday, Brenda and I took our readers out to the park to see a presentation put on by Edventure Children’s Museum in Columbia. Our educator, Mrs. Elena, was wonderful and presented a program called “Garbology.” Funded by a grant from the SC State Library and IMLS, Elena walked us through various stages of soil production and how our behavior can influence our world. We reviewed good garbage (recyclable) bad garbage (electronics, not reusable, etc.) and no garbage (compostable). She interacted with the youngsters to help identify each and answer their questions about each category. Then she rolled out the star of the show: “Garbagena.” This life like muppet-type doll lives in a composting bin and is full of various forms of garbage. The youngsters were invited to reach in her tummy and pull out what they found. As the items emerged they were identified and then arranged in each category. At the end of Elena’s presentation Ranger Laura Kirk showed us some of the projects she conducts at the park using recycled material. Everyone had a wonderful time; and learned something too!!

The parents and the kids then went around and explored the park. What a little jewel here in Lee County! Brenda, Laura and I served a lunch of hot dogs, chips and roasted marshmallows. Then it was off to the swimming hole. They all had such a great time in the water and it was a perfect day for it given the 94 degree temperatures. Finally the day was over and we all headed home a little more aware and considerably more tired.
Special thanks to all our partners: EdVenture, SC State Library, Lee State Park and Recreational Area, Coke, Friends of the Lee County Library and especially our biggest partner – the parents.

Our next program is June 26th with Clemson Extension and Blue Cross Blue Shield presenting “Healthy Snacking.”
The library ladies would like to welcome our newest neighbor, Scoops Ice Cream Shop. We are always happy to see new merchants on Main Street. We went over to visit and while speaking to the owner, Griselda Wilson, we asked if she would be interested in hosting our summer reading closing party. We got an enthusiastic “Yes!” So for our final program on August 1st we will be going to the Lee State Park to visit Ranger Laura Kirk and then heading back to go to Scoops. Sounds like a fun way to wrap up the 2014 Summer Reading Program.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SCLends to the rescue!!!

It has been brought to our attention that many patrons do not realize that you can access the library via the internet by using our BlogSpot account as a portal. When you go there you will see the email address as well as our online catalog. Go to and on the right hand side of the blog is a link called SCLends. When you click on the link it will take you to the SCLends main catalog (16 statewide libraries!) You can browse the catalog or access your account. Once you have an account you can renew your books, change your address your e-mail or any other information we have on file.
If this is the first time you have accessed it, you will need to enter your library card and a four digit pin number. If you do not have the pin number, call the library and we can assign you one. Once you have entered the pin the main account screen appears. Click on the tab that says “Accounts Preferences” and your account information will appear. The first time you go there, click on the password field and enter your pin, then enter a password of your choice. That’s it! You are done!! (This is a good time to check that the information we have is correct.) It is hard to write up these steps in paragraph form, so if you need more help I have made a “cheat sheet” and it is available at the front desk. If you are still having a hard time, I will be offering classes on Saturdays to help you out; once you have done it a couple of times, all will become clear!
Many of our patrons do not have internet access or skills. Not to worry!! You can call or come to the library and we can search the catalog for you. You have to have your library card to place holds. But other than that there are no other requirements. Once you place a hold, a request goes to the participating library where they pull the book and send it to us. Once we get it, we scan it and an e-mail goes out to you.
Just a few random thoughts about SCLends: when you access your account to renew books, the books cannot be overdue. You will have to call to renew books that are overdue. I have asked the committee to look into this since it makes no sense to me that you can’t renew an over due, and we will probably resolve it in the future. Also, if you are wishing to place a hold on a new release book, there is a 60 day window where the home library restricts the lending. So, you can place the hold, they just won’t send it. Also, we have been pleased at the number of hold requests we get here at the library! Each week we send out 60-75 volumes that other libraries have requested – I think that speaks well of our collection; we have stuff that other people want!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A day at the Library........

There is a Greek word:  “Agora” which literally means “assembly’ or “gathering place” or “discussion place.”  If ever there was an appropriate word for the Lee County Library, agora is it.  This is especially true on Friday afternoons.  We have a rotating cast of characters who come in and the discussions are wide ranging and open.  As well as books, current events and top news stories are discussed.  All the debates are good natured and usually pretty funny.  Our Friday regulars really light and lighten up the day. 

Not long ago, a friend/patron returned a book and recommended it to me.  It was called “Still Life with Crows,” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs.  I read it and loved it and recommended it to another friend/patron.  We all started recommending it and everyone loved it.  We are now having a run on Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs books that cannot be believed.  Once, we had an entire shelf of them and now at last count there were about three of them on the shelf.  Showing the power of word of mouth!!

These could be classified as mysteries, but they are way, way more.  The protagonist, Aloysius Penergast is an FBI agent with some really unusual abilities.  He also has a back story that is dribbled out with new twists in each book.  This is a book series but they can be read as standalone novels.  All the ones I have read are slightly eerie, maybe even scary, but they are definitely interesting.  This brings us back to the Lee County Library “agora.”  Last Friday there was a heated discussion on old Aloysius’ back story and each of us had something different to add.  We are ordering copies of the titles we don’t have from SCLends. 

The upstart of all of this is that the original friend/patron who recommended it to me came in Friday and couldn’t find any copies.  I think he was a little cranky!  But we all had a good laugh; since we are all reading the copies and the original recommender couldn’t find his.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Book - a - Palooza

Heads up citizens.  So, you say you like books….you say you like book sales… say you like books that are priced to sell….well, look no further!!  On June 5th, 6th and 7th the Friends of the Lee County Library will be holding a book sale at the Library Annex.  These books will be priced to sell - $.25 - $1.00 for everything.  We have a great selection of classic children’s literature, classic and newish fiction and a wide selection of non-fiction books.  The sale starts on Wednesday June 5th at 10:00 AM and runs until Friday June 7th at 5:00 PM.  That’s three days from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.  We will have specials on bags of books and boxes of books.  So make plans to come join us and pick up some bargains for your summer reading. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

New and improved.........

Okay, Update on 'lil 'ol Lee County Library.

I am still working on the new website. Will be up and running soon! Meanwhile, some county citizens are organizing a community event calendar and I have linked it here on our blog. (Third link on the right.)

If your local organization would like to post an event please contact me at the e-mail listed.

The main purpose of this calendar is to help organizations plan their events so that they do not overlap.

Right now, we have a limited number of administrators. If your organization would like to name an individual as administrator; giving them the authority to post contact me, Don Mathis or Retta Tindal.

Will try to be more consistent in posting, but really, I want to get the website done!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

What happens when you take two talented actors presenting a play that has nine characters? Well that’s called the magic of theater! And magic was what we had last Friday at the Opera House when Porkchop Productions presented “Chicken Little.” We had an SRO (standing room only) crowd and the entire audience was enchanted with madcap adventures of Chicken Little. With a little help from our summer readers; the actors, Stacy and Laura, presented 10 separate characters. (We’re talking some serious costume changes here.)

Now the truth can be told: when Chicken Little arrives to see the king who should he meet? Yep, Elvis the real king!! When Laura came on stage dressed as Elvis, she brought the house down. You probably could hear the laughter on Main Street. The whole Elvis twist was the best kept secret at the library. We were dying to tell for weeks, but we held off and the surprise factor was worth it!!

We would like to thank the Friends of the Library for their continued support in bringing live theater for the summer readers. Of course special thanks to the Lee County Arts Council and the Bishopville Opera House for partnering in this and other activities. Strong partnerships build strong communities.

We have hit the half way mark of the 2012 Summer Reading Program. Because of the holiday nothing is planned for this week. Next week we will be offering a three day art class. This class is limited and you must be enrolled in summer reading AND sign up separately for the class. If you are interested, please come to the library and speak with Brenda.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 Summer Reading Program......

Wondering what you should do on a picture perfect early summer morning? Heading out to the Lee State Park would be one good way to get your sunshine and fresh air.

That was exactly what Brenda and I and about 60 summer readers did last Friday when we kicked off our 2012 Summer Reading Program at the park. We had SO much fun and, as usual, learned a little more about our natural world with the help of Park Ranger Laura Kirk. Ranger Kirk did a presentation informing the crowd that it is illegal to pick leaves off the trees at the park. (Hmmmmm, didn’t know that!) Then she showed everyone how to make leaf rubbings from the leaves she provided. (Trained professionals can get leaves legally. Who knew?) Everybody made their leaf rubbings and then Ranger Laura laminated the sheets of paper. The readers then cut out the leave shape and voila: a bookmark is made. This was one of the neatest projects we have done in a long time! Everybody had a great time and I think the parents had more fun than the kids.

We all then retired to the shed for lunch. Brenda cooked up some hotdogs and we all had lunch. After lunch was a nature walk and then a marshmallow roast. The marshmallow roast was in jeopardy because all the wood was so wet from the recent rains, but Ranger Laura once again came to the rescue and had a great little fire going in the grill. All in all the day was a wonderful way to start the 2012 Summer Reading program! If you have not been to the Lee State Park recently you should make an attempt to get out there. It is a lovely area right here in our own back yard and available to everyone for free.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SC Book Festival.....

We just received our public relations material from the SC Humanities Council promoting the 16th Annual SC BookFestival. The festival will be held on May 18th – 20th at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center and has grown over the years to be one of the best festivals around. On Friday there are writer’s workshops and an opening gala – all of those require a registration and a fee, but on Saturday and Sunday all the events are free. In the past I have met Dorthea Benton Frank (funny) C. J. Box (bald) Mary Alice Monroe (sweet as sugar) Pat Conroy (funny and round) and a bunch of other great national and local authors. I have volunteered for years at this event and would encourage everyone who is interested to volunteer also. It really is a great time and kind of like a mini vacation. If you need more information please stop by the library. I should have the schedule of events by Tuesday.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pork Chop Productions......

Last Thursday's production of "The Musicians of Bremen Town" was such a huge success that we have decided to asked these two talented actresses to return. Back by popular demand!!

The ladies will be staging "Sleeping Beauty" at the Bishopville Opera House on Thursday August 11th at 1:30PM. We can't wait!

Following are some snaps from last weeks production.

We thank our partners at the Lee County Arts Council and The Bishopville Opera House. The 2011 Lee County Summer Reading program is partially funded by a grant from the SC State Library and the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bright Star Traveling Theater.......

As you can see from the rapt attention of the audience, The Bright Star Production presentation was huge success. The audience was completely caught up in the stories. Akili and Jabari presented the legends and folktales of Africa in a delightful and intriguing way!

Both the youngsters and the adults were captivated. We thank the Lee County Arts Council and the Bishopville Opera House for partnering in this event.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The 2011 Summer Reading Program begins.....

Here are some heroes from Saturdays Kick Off Gala.

Louis and Vicki Moniz. Thanks so much for your help.

Kay Farmer & South Atlantic Canners for letting us use the trailer, and helping me get it unlocked!!

The AmeriCorps volunteers. They were the hands that got the job done.

Special mention for Laresha McDaniel who was my shadow all day. Helped me save my wounded wing. Also helped Brender-boo all day long!

Thanks to all. Hope you all had a good time.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Reading 2011.....

So far we have in excess of 150 youngsters signed up for the 2011 Summer Reading Program. This is a substantial increase over last year and we are thrilled to be offering such a diverse program. Thursday June 16th, we will be offering a production at the Opera House presented by Bright Star Productions. . This event is open to the entire community. African Folktales is a 45-minute production that brings to life the vastness of the African landscape and a variety of clever animals. Join Akili as she shares these exciting tales that were traditionally passed down by word of mouth. With imaginative costumes and lots of audience participation, this production also includes valuable character-education themes. Celebrate world cultures, literature and the art of interactive African storytelling with the newest show in the Bright Star repertoire. The “Library Ladies” hope the entire community will come and join us for this great show. Admission, of course, is free.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Programs for Summer Reading 2011

Caption: Example of the artwork from the SC School for the Blind at the SC State Library.

Last January Dawn and I went to the SC State Library for a meeting. While there we enjoyed an art installation that was presented by the SC School for the Blind. To say we were blown away would be an understatement. The art work presented was in collage form and it was breathtaking in depth and diversity. From that visit an idea was formed.

This year for the 2011 Summer Reading program we will be offering art classes in collage. Ms. Jess Hindeman and Dawn will be the instructors and will offer sessions for 4th 5th and 6th graders and another for 7th 8th and 9th graders. Session dates are: June 14h and 16th, June 21st and 23rd and June 28th and 30th. The students will be making collages from a variety of natural materials and the only limitation will be their imagination.

After the sessions are completed, our partners the Lee County Arts Council and the Bishopville Opera House will be presenting the art in their main gallery. We are really excited about this great venue because it will offer the entire community the opportunity to view the handiwork of our area youngsters. This is the first year that we have offered this program and we hope we will be able to offer it again and again. Special sign-up sheets are at the library.

Monday, January 31, 2011


I found this image at the British Library = too cool and timely!

**Attribution: Phil Bradley's Weblog

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's all true......

“Forget about that image of librarians as mousy bookworms. More and more of today’s librarians must be clever interrogators, helping the patron to reframe their question more usefully. Librarians then become high-tech information sleuths, helping patrons plumb the oceans of information available in books and digital records, often starting with a clever Google search but frequently going well beyond....."

Well, it's all true and here at the Lee County Library and we have FUN too!!

..Attributiom: quote from US News and World Report....

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a steal......

Well, not really a steal. The Librarians are weeding out our Juvenile Fiction shelves and we will be selling our books for $1.00 a volume. If you have youngsters who are into chapter books, this is a great opportunity to increase their library without breaking you wallet.

Come down to the Library and check out the selection. There's always something going on @ your library!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

From today's "Item" in Sumter SC

BISHOPVILLE - Thanks to a grant from the federal institute of Museum and Library Services administered by the South Carolina State Library, the Lee County Public Library will be able to add technology and educational services to its after-school and summer youth programs.
"We are so excited," said Librarian Elizabeth Snyder-Powell. "We just never expected that our grant proposal could win out against the larger libraries in the state. What a great endorsement for Lee County and the Lee County Public Library!"
The $23,300 grant is designed to strengthen library's education related services for children and teens, she said.
Snyder Powell said the grant will provide additional computers and software.
Items included in the budget proposal are 10 laptop computers, two wireless portable routers, salaries for after-school tutors and field trip expenses for the summer reading program.
The after-school program is expected to begin soon, and will take place at the library annex on Nettles Street, Snyder-Powell said.
"We hope to recruit some top academic students to serve as tutors for the after-school program," she said. "They will be able to help other students with their homework."
Snyder-Powell said field trips are a very important part of the summer reading program, and the inclusion of the field trip in the grant proposal satisfied the requirement of having a cultural component.
"We are also very pleased to be able to add a field trip to our summer reading program," she said. "We didn't have a field trip last year. We think this will serve to create greater interest in the program."
According to the Institute's website, "The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for the nation's 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums. The Institute's mission is to create strong libraries and museums that connect people to information and ideas. The Institute works at the national level and in coordination with state and local organizations to sustain heritage, culture and knowledge; enhance learning and innovation; and support professional development."

BYLINE: Randall T Burns, Special to "The Item"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Christmas cheer.........

Special thanks to our friends at the Lee County Farm Bureau Woman's Committee. Pictured are Laura Haddon and Mary Adele Tomlinson putting touches to the Agricultural Tree they put up in the library foyer.

The tree features peanuts, soybeans, corn and (of course) cotton. Come down to the library and check it out - as well as a great selection of cookbooks and decorating books for the holidays!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It was a chilly morning......

Originally uploaded by pollyalida
It started out to be a beautiful winter day. It was crisp, clear and cold with a hint of frost on the fields. Who knew that it was going to turn into a red letter day?

On Wednesday last, when I got to work, I thought that the rest of the gang was acting strangely. After I had put my stuff away my director, Dawn Ellen, handed me a big envelope from the SC State Library. Ordinarily large envelopes from the state library are not a good thing so I opened it gingerly. The cover letter started:

“Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that your application for a grant of Library Services and Technology Act funds has been approved.”

What happened next involved shouting, leaping, dancing and some tears. The entire staff spent the rest of the day on cloud nine. We just never expected that our grant proposal could win out against the larger libraries in the state. What a great endorsement for Lee County and the Lee County Library.

Now we have to get busy and design the programs that this grant will fund. We will be featuring a lot of new programs for children and teens emphasizing education and cultural events. We can’t wait to get started so pay close attention to this weekly column and the blog to keep informed as we roll out the new programs.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Has Arrived @ the library.....

Everyone who knows our Director, Dawn Ellen, knows her decorating acumen!! It really shows during the holiday season. Make it a point to come down to the library and get some holiday spirit!!

We also have a huge selection of cookbooks, decorating books and lots of holiday magazines.

Bring you little ones, so they can be dazzled with our decorations and check out their own holiday books!

Check out the rest of the pictures here: